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Xmas and beyond

So.. hmwhat ? What if Santa was so giving this year ? My folks got me a classic guitar, Adi a TV tunner and Csabi a big pooh dog.. and I mean big ! Like a meter or so. :) I would have never imagined that coming from them.. I mean, yes, we`re friends, but.. :) It means so much to me. :) Not the gifts as they are, but the fact they gave them from the heart. Thanks a lot, guys.
My Christmas tree looks awesome, the atmosphere is great, it`s snowing, but.. of course, Christmas.. started bad, with a terrible hangover from Rock Xmas event ( where I had the chance to listen to Godmode from Cluj – love `em – and Fading Circles again – adore `em !! ) and an unsual depression ( met duck after half an year at the event ). A few hours of agony, of silly questions about all the Christmas fuss ( like.. what is Christmas all about ? Why is it considered such a great holiday ? Why can`t I feel the spirit of Christmas ? What should I feel exactly ? I should be glad about what ? Singing carols about a God I don`t believe in ?, etc.. etc. ) and everything was ok afterwards, when I met with Adi, Csabi, Steel and Criss at Star FM.
Hmmm.. Christmas is nice because of other things. For example, I now have enough time to watch movies, listen some new music, write, talk to the guys on messenger, going out. It`s holiday, and on holiday everyone relaxes. :) Here are some pics I`ve noticed on my computer. :)

Silly SensiBlu reindeer I photographed after a Tubor Strong one Friday. Isn`t that cute ? :))

That`s Bandean Vlad Aiurel.. :)))) I wrote about him in the ‘From normal to stupid’ series.. great colleague, one of the 3 lords of rock in my class, the biggest Judas Priest fan alive.. :) In the first picture, he`s wearing the jacket he bought.. he looks so damn cool.. and in the second, well.. :))))))) I don`t know what he`s doing, but lemme tell you he is NOT peeing… hopefully :P.

Oooh.. ahahahahaha :))))))) That`s me. Nice hair, huh ? It was a bet.. I got 10 RON for lookin` like that during Maths class… with all the pink accessories included. :) Dammit !

Pavel.. another rocker.. you already met 2 of them. Ahahaha, that grave is in a park near our highschool.. some soldier with the same name as his is burried there.. :)))))) That picture is modified in Photoshop.. you can see Pavel`s ‘ghost’.. :)))))))

Cotoara at Peninsula.. last rocker from the trio of guys. I`m suppose to be the forth wheel. ;)

And a smiley globe. Not to forget it`s Xmas.. :) Pictures rule.. Second session.. ? As soon as I get home.

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5 Responses to “Xmas and beyond”

  1. mystique

    He he(Ho Ho). Glad you’re enjoying Christmas! Happy Holidays! :D

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Merry fuckin` everything & bla bla to you too.. :) I freakin` hate wishing all these shits every goddamn year. Ok, maybe I should stop cursing. :)

  3. ivett

    Merry Christmas!
    nice album from 2005 :D

  4. Roxa Trutza

    Merry Christmas as well ! Posted part two of the album. :)

  5. Auras

    nice. :D

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