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Canon`s user manual

‘Troubleshooting : camera isn`t functioning.
Reason : camera isn`t on.
Solution : turn on the camera.’
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5 Responses to “Canon`s user manual”

  1. boyarul

    You know…
    Those days they’re making manuals for brainwashed ppl, as well :D (not you, of course :P)

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Yes but.. that`s too muched. I laughed my ass out with Csabi yesterday. :))))))))))

  3. mystique

    As boyarul said, these kind of things are for brainwashed people.

    Brain user manual:

    Troubleshooting: Brain isn’t functioning.
    Reason: Brain is not there.
    Solution: Pick you brain up from the washing machine.

  4. Auras

    This looks like the work of romanians. You know like the guys from the tech hotline:
    YOU: – I can’t send SMS from my phone
    HE/SHE: – Is your phone on ?
    YOU: – DOH! I’m talking to you.

  5. Roxa Trutza

    Ooooh :).. Ahahahaha.. catastrophical astronomical stupidity !

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