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2005 photo album – session 2

The pooh dog.. Csabi`s gift. Told you it`s freakin` huge. :)

That`s the famous Morar Andrei, the author of so many pictures around here.. He`s only 1/2 rocker, not entirely converted, but it`s on our to-do list. :))) Oh, and in the last picture, you can see his nails and the reason they`re so famous for. :)))))))))))

Aahahhahahahahahaha, I declare this the picture of the year.. that`s Steel, with his nose and mouth stuck on to a window in Star FM studio.. :))))

Crazy Dorin.. crazy posture. :)))))))

Uhm.. that`s Adi.. :) First picture he is ‘a rocker’. Second.. he`s ‘sleeping’. :)))))))))

Ultraviolets in the floor. Bizzare Pub. :)

The cross near a Christmas tree. Antithesis ? ;)
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2 Responses to “2005 photo album – session 2”

  1. Auras

    That dog’s larger than life :)

  2. Roxa Trutza

    Tell me about it ! Now I have to sleep with it :)))

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