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Here goes 2005`s review.
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– got my driver licence
– got my Cambridge diploma ( CAE )
– my first article got published in EgoPHobia e-zine
– changed school, which turned out to be a good thing after all.. :)
– discovered rock music and all that comes with it
– seen Apocalyptica and Paradise Lost performing live.
– been at Peninsula festival, which actually changed my life
– met new people.. been accepted in the rocker`s small ‘community’ :) – Cotoara, Bandean, Pavel..
– regained Adi and Csabi as friends
– owning a classic guitar and being able to play Metallica`s ONE with it ( ok ok, only the beginning )
– discovered the cure for soul in music
– my back didn`t cause any trouble this year
<< - >>
– lost first love
– still haven`t found the balance between love and friendship.
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  1. Hello, I am from the future. It sucks.

  2. Roxa from the future strongly agrees.

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