Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Monsters Of Transylvania

Oh GOOOOOD !!! Well, I have to sleep now, but I`ll tell you ‘in the morning’.. right. So, meet with my post in about 12 hours.. :) Hm, so here I am, after eeeehm.. 12 hours and a few days :P.. School really started this time and knocked me off my feet again.. I freakin` […]

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Oh, I remembered.. the thing that actually made me explode was History.. Oh wait, I didn`t tell you. It seems that tomorrow I`ll be going to school, because our beloved institution considered it`s best to return to school, inspite the fact that all the other highschools from our county and not only are still on […]

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‘Constant over stimulation numbs me.’.. Well, it`s been a while since my last depression.. now it`s all coming back to normal. The gloomy atmosphere, the tired eyes, the cold inside, the numbness.. the ‘kiss my ass type of bunny’.. good old Roxa.. love me or hate me :). So much for believing there actually was […]

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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Why did I wrote it three times ? Must be because of the silly Christmas song I can`t get out of my head, now that I wrote the title. :/ This always happens : I remember a song ( most of the times, a stupid song I don`t even like ) and there it is, […]

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Template crashed

This was so weird I don`t even know who`s the target for throwing the rocks : blogger.com because the error that came right after my links section was edited belonged to the site, or because RDS was the ‘best internet provider’.. again. :/ Anyway, I was pretty fucked up about it, didn`t know where to […]

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For all the bloggers

Hey guys.. and I mean all of the people out there who actually read what I`m posting around here every now and then. This is a post in which I`m letting you all know for the very first time that I`m ok. :) All the bad things that ever happened to me ( and trust […]

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Beginning of a… new. :)

Take the quiz: “What 80’s Metal Band are you? (with pics)”MetallicaYou are a band with Metal in it’s name. Metallica. You have no costume or make-up, you just serve metal up the ass. You rock! Now that we know I serve metal up my ass, I have a question. Is thiiiis loooove.. that I`m feeeeeliiiiing […]

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Cage experience

Hmsooooo… sorry for the time I didn`t post anything, but I started some Romanian blog on yahoo 360… I`ll post it on the links section, if any of you is interested. Guess what I did on Friday.. No. Mno, not even close. C`mon guys, some of you should guess it. :) Besides getting drunk with […]

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‘You are gone I`m so all alone Here`s what`s left of our happy home’ Yesterday`s feelings…

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Counting pupils like sheep to the rhythm of the late strike

The original title belongs to A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep To The Rhythm Of The War Drums, a song on which I almost broke a pencil today imitating the ‘rhythm of the war drums’.. ( won`t mention a thing about past pencils :P ) :) This song is chaos, it mainly represents […]

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