Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Loc lipsă

Poate veţi fi puţin surprinşi, acesta fiind primul post în limba română de când am pus pe picioare blogul acesta. Motivul ? Heh… Luna Amară au scos single nou şi sunt cât se poate de plăcut impresionată, pentru a mia oară, de aceşti clujeni ale căror versuri ofensive şi totuşi pline de adânci frământări şi […]

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PARIZER engine

First, you have to create a new breed of carnivorous hamsters using toilet paper. Then, using a system of wheels and truckles and hoists and stuff, you plug in the car a hamster wheel and the new breed of hamsters fed with boloney [ PARIZER ]. That`s why this new engine is called… the PARIZER […]

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‘Share a secret’ :)

Inspired, of course, from PostSecret .. It`s amazing what people can say there. :) I`ve enabled the anonymous comments option, so anyone who reads this can actually share a secret.. no restrictions whatsoever. You can use that ‘anonymous’ for a name, I`m not curious who you are, just what you think.. a secret you`re willing […]

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Crash ! Boom ! Bang !

That`s my car.. and that`s how its left side used to look.. before Thursday, when early in the morning I decided to go to school with the car. My dad was in Greece, it was just sitting in the parking lot for nothing.. Plus, I was going to have the great Info thesis.. and BD […]

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Vagueness breaker

Finally, home, in front of the computer, writing here. Something weird is happening.. Wish I knew what, everything seems so vague in my head.. It`s like I`ve just escaped from a mental hospital. I feel oddly. I`m the scared inhabitant walking backwards in a haunted house. My dad`s new job dictates a lot of travelling […]

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BaaaaabyI think I`m capsiiiizingThe waves are riiiiiisiiiingAnd riiiiisiiiiiingAnd when I get that feeliiiiiiin`I need sexual heeeaaaaaaliiiiiiiing.. I`m obsessed. I know I am. It`s been a month now since this first started to happen.. One cold day of December, Ioana and I (the only ones in our class from this neighbourhood) took the most controversial bus […]

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Overclouded weather today

Bleary eyes searching for sunlight, but all there`s to be found has been pulled away and replaced with the orange outlines of the dormant city. Up in the sky, no twinkles teeming, no stars playing scrabble, hiding untold stories. The beat is the only thing to push me in a flashback movement between two gasps […]

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Heavy Nu Year !

Ahahaha.. :) I love my wishing`s attempt to include as many rock styles as possible.. :) Pfff.. I`ve been to Galautasi ( Harghita county, first village after passing Toplita ), where my house is.. Those of you who are senior readers of my blog already know more details about the place. Must say I`ve never […]

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