Loc lipsă

Poate veţi fi puţin surprinşi, acesta fiind primul post în limba română de când am pus pe picioare blogul acesta. Motivul ? Heh… Luna Amară au scos single nou şi sunt cât se poate de plăcut impresionată, pentru a mia oară, de aceşti clujeni ale căror versuri ofensive şi totuşi pline de adânci frământări şi ale căror ritmuri agresive se aseamănă atât de mult cu ceea ce văd, simt şi trăiesc zi de zi. Într-o Românie plină de prostie, corupţie, manipulare, să fii împotriva sistemului e singura ta şansă de a nu-ţi pierde raţiunea corectă şi sentimentele în labirintul întunecos al ignoranţei.

Surpriza cea mare a acestui single nou lansat este faptul că e un featuring cu Ombladon de la Paraziţii, formaţie cu care deja se ştie că cei de la Luna Amară sunt foarte buni prieteni. Nu mă mir, şi mie mi se pare singura formaţie de hip-hop de la noi cu versuri inteligente. Ce-a ieşit ?
N-am loc între iluzii şi deziluzii ce mă pierd
Dau foc la instituţii ce-mpart contuzii pe trotuar
Dar iar nu ai soluţii la revoluţii puse-n cap
Nu nu, sta mort în tine, şi-ascultă bine când îţi spun:
Ref. :
Am ceva cu mintea ta
Indiferent de realitate, în mintea ta e tot noapte
Nu mai poţi scăpa din ea
Am ceva cu mintea ta
Indiferent de realitate, în mintea ta e tot noapte
E cuşca ta.
N-am loc între durere, între viol şi-avort
N-am loc s-adun în mine gunoiul tău de zi cu zi
Vreau doar să arzi în tine ceas de ceas
Vreau doar s-aştern uitare pe tot ce-a mai rămas.
Nu vreau să-mi fac loc sub o altă dictatură
Sunt pierdut în mulţimea plină de ură
Nu am loc între speranţe deşarte şi gloanţe
Între războaie ce nu sunt ale noastre.
Toţi să te fure întind mâna
“Unde-i iubirea ?” întreb ca un disc stricat într-una.
N-am loc între chin şi suspin sau cruzime
Între declin şi venin sau crime.
Minţi bolnave conduc minţi slabe prin noapte
Fără resentimente, spre moarte.
…bizar să întreţi acest coşmar.
N-am loc în acest joc murdar,
În acest calvar.
Dacă nu v-au convins versurile, videoclipul îl găsiţi deja pe torrenturi şi mai mult ca sigur, pe DC++. Tipul cu ochelari seamănă mult cu Richard, managerul lor, deşi nu cred că e el. Oricum, mi se pare şablonul românului resemnat, amorţit, trecut prin viaţă. Sunt curioasă cine a regizat videoclipul, îmi place mult cum a fost gândit. Sunt câteva cadre artistice şi spontane, pline de subînţeles. Oh, îmi plac şi distorsurile din refren… ;)
Am un coleg rapper, care nu credea că va asculta rock vreodată, şi culmea, că-i va şi plăcea. :)) Cred că Luna Amară au dat lovitura acum, cu Ombladon. Lansarea undeva prin martie, în Bucureşti. M-aş duce, dar loc lipsă este şi-n buzunarele mele… :)
Lăsând la o parte banii… prea mult loc lipsă, uneori doare…

PARIZER engine

First, you have to create a new breed of carnivorous hamsters using toilet paper. Then, using a system of wheels and truckles and hoists and stuff, you plug in the car a hamster wheel and the new breed of hamsters fed with boloney [ PARIZER ]. That`s why this new engine is called… the PARIZER engine.
Copyright : Cotoara Adrian, colleague, rocker.
No further comments, just laughing. :))))))))))))))))

‘Share a secret’ :)

Inspired, of course, from PostSecret .. It`s amazing what people can say there. :)
I`ve enabled the anonymous comments option, so anyone who reads this can actually share a secret.. no restrictions whatsoever. You can use that ‘anonymous’ for a name, I`m not curious who you are, just what you think.. a secret you`re willing to share while no one knows. You only have to use words..
No one knows who you are. :)
I`m gonna leave this here for a few days, if interesting things are revealed. :)

Crash ! Boom ! Bang !

That`s my car.. and that`s how its left side used to look.. before Thursday, when early in the morning I decided to go to school with the car. My dad was in Greece, it was just sitting in the parking lot for nothing.. Plus, I was going to have the great Info thesis.. and BD was only payin` attention to Ioana, without knowing who she is or who does my number.. belong to.. :)) So I took the keys and the papers, cleaned the snow off the car, and went to school. Nice and quiet road, even if it was dark and freezing, everything went smooth and I got to school ok. Can`t say the same thing about my way back…
Ioana and Tziru joined me.. I was suppose to leave Tziru downtown, and take Ioana home with me.. but some weird fucked up thing happened to the car`s engine.. Only two spark plugs were working instead of four, so the engine didn`t have enough power.. ( common problem to Dacias` vehicles during winter time, as I`ve heard later on. ). I had to push the acceleration paddle to the maximum for the car to move like the paddle was pushed only to half.. :/ The car suddenly stopped in lotsa crossroads, so I decided to do anything not to slow down or stop `till home. So there we were, all screaming and wanting to disappear from the face of the Earth when we had to slow down or stop. I even started the wreck lights, if they were any good..
The funniest thing on the whole road was Tziru having to step out downtown. Of course I didn`t want to stop the car for it not to remain in the middle of the town, blocking the traffic. She was too unpatient, she thought she could get out of the car as I was driving, and I was driving kinda fast.. fuckin` stupid bitch ! She was sittin` in the back ( Ioana was beside me ), when she opened the door, preparing to get out !! She had one foot almost down.. goddamn stupidity pushed to the limits.. ! Well anyway.. that wasn`t something you get to see everyday in our trivial downtown : a car with the wreck lights turned on, an opened door with a girl preparing to jump.. with screaming and swearings towards her. :)))))))))))))))))))))))) Ahahahaha.. :)))) Luckily, I had to stop at the lights, so Tziru safely got out of the car.. eventually.
The sad part of the story is just beginning.. I had a crash, due to nervousity state and my lack of attention. The poor guy was just sitting at the lights, with his new Solenza. Let me draw it to you, as I did so many times at the police. :))

Both our left sides are unrecognizable. :) The sound is awful, you never want to hear it.. I got quite scared. More than that, I was in shock for about two minutes. Neither of us ( me and Ioana ) couldn`t say anything. Then my door suddenly opened and this 50 year old guy started to yell.. then we went to the police with his car.. we signed our statements.. I had to write his as well because he didn`t have his glasses.. sheesh.. Ioana was with me during the whole time.. so I didn`t freak out.. then _ADI_ and Gigi came to the police as well and everything was more than ok.. we even laughed about Tziru and all the bad luck I had that day.. :) I have great friends.

Mom`s reaction was ok, she didn`t yell or get mad as I`ve expected, she was quite comprehensive.. she even gave me the money to pay the ticket from the police.. 75 RON.. :) Now my dad has to come home from Greece to evaluate my work of art to the car`s left side. :/ Oh man. I don`t even wanna find out his reaction.. as it`s the one I fear the most. From now on he`ll surely buy the CASCO package of insurance. Hmpf…

Vagueness breaker

Finally, home, in front of the computer, writing here. Something weird is happening.. Wish I knew what, everything seems so vague in my head.. It`s like I`ve just escaped from a mental hospital. I feel oddly. I`m the scared inhabitant walking backwards in a haunted house.
My dad`s new job dictates a lot of travelling for him.. he won`t be home that much. It scares me.. Not only that I have to clean up the house more than I used to, I have to pay the bills, take care of the car, go shopping, but because I feel something`s missing.
I took an 8 at Maths today.. When I told mom, she was too busy yelling me I forgot to pay the phone bill, it was like she didn`t notice what I was sayin`.. it`s 8, and it`s Maths.. hello ? I never had such grades at Maths.
At school everything`s frustrating.. I have to fuck everything up when there are only 2 more weeks `till the end of the first semester. But yet, it`s not fair.. it`s not entirely my fault. Come to think about the circumstances, it`s not my fault at all. Won`t go into too much details.
My relationship with Adi ? Not even there.. It stagnates, and I won`t move a goddamn finger for it to work. I`m too tired for that crap, and it seems meaningless without feelings. He never surprises me with anything, and I hate routine. I`m going with the flow, the spirit of the moment is everything, he`s the kinda guy who thinks twice. Blinded twice. With love. And I`m cold. And it hurts. Him more than me.
BD ? OK, this is crazy.. I`ve found out his whole name, address, phone number, but the guy is still a huge mystery. Everything he does or thinks is engulfed in mystery. His voice is a mystery. Maybe I should throw myself in front of his 23 blue bus for some attention..
Can`t even post a picture..
I need a vagueness breaker. What do I feel ? Frustration filled with anger. Vague feeling, but present and strong. Break that.


I think I`m capsiiiizing
The waves are riiiiiisiiiing
And riiiiisiiiiiing
And when I get that feeliiiiiiin`
I need sexual heeeaaaaaaliiiiiiiing..

I`m obsessed. I know I am. It`s been a month now since this first started to happen.. One cold day of December, Ioana and I (the only ones in our class from this neighbourhood) took the most controversial bus in town to get to school… it`s the only one to the hospital from where we live as well, so it`s always overcrowded. I`m talking about line 23. Pfff, a month ago I still hated that bus from the bottom of my heart; it looks like an iron with wheels, you don`t even have space to breathe in it in the morning and it`s full of old people heading for the hospital first thing in the morning… there`s no room there, I tell you, and when your school bag is as enourmous as mine, you need to grow some wings if you ever (God forbid) need to move in it.

So, back to that cold December morning, Ioana and I were almost asleep, sitting right in front of the bus (on the inside, of course), `till we both started to stare at the driver.. We could only see his reflection in the mirrors. He wore a completely red blouse, I can still remember. Those blue eyes, his looks… He did seem a little old for us though (26 or above), so that`s why neither of us really felt like sayin` anything in the first place. Ioana started, anyway… :) All the way to the hospital we were talkin` about how cute he is. And since that day, the madness has started. >:)

What came next ? His blue eyes in the mirrors watching us, us watching him, smile exchanges, his mature looks, he… long-looking at us when we came out of the bus, his wheel genius to gain our admiration… :)))) We had to find out his name, so one day, we went with him to the final bus station, planning to talk to him or to hear his name, somehow. Terrible bad luck with some drivers shifting, but the conductor from his bus told us his name: Attila.. :))))))) We couldn`t believe our ears, it was exactly the name Tziru thought about, but she said that just to spite us.. :)))))) Well, all in all, we found out his name… :))

After a couple of weeks of vacation for us, school started now again.. so there we are, taking the 23 to the hospital again. Now he wears a blue blouse that assorts with his blue bus, blue eyes, blue sky.. :))) The things aren`t the same, they tend to get out of control.. We`re too involved, Ioana and I are loosing our minds already, we have to talk to him, we even nicknamed him.. BD that is.. :)))) [ == bus driver.. THE bus driver ! :) ]. He may be the most beautiful guy we`ve ever met.. wish I had enough guts to take a picture.. :) He`s the atypical image of a bus driver nowadays. I know, I know whacha think.. he`s a bus driver, how much school can he have ? How smart can he be ? Ioana and I made up a great story for this: he graduated 3 universities, and he`s driving now to experience all that`s possible on Earth, in search of the most unknown sensations. :))) Seriously now, you can tell if someone`s smart or not just by looking at him, and believe me, this guy is smart.. and sooo… mmmmmmh.. he`s adorable ! Wish I had the guts to take a picture of him, or talk to him, we`re so eager to hear his voice, to know how he thinks.. :)))) As I said, we`re obsessed. And I don`t know why I have the feelin` this is only the beginnin`..

We are acting like complete morons.. stupid kids. :) But maybe BD is worth it… :) How to approach him ? How to square up to him ? Any ideas ? :-S

Overclouded weather today

Bleary eyes searching for sunlight, but all there`s to be found has been pulled away and replaced with the orange outlines of the dormant city. Up in the sky, no twinkles teeming, no stars playing scrabble, hiding untold stories. The beat is the only thing to push me in a flashback movement between two gasps of puffing wind. Tangled in my own clumsy steps, awaken in my loose inners, factious in my stirring mind, I look up. It`s clear now, clouds possess all the sky`s empire.
It`s hard for me to believe now. Even if you tell me there will be light, all I see now is the high darkness. Even if you tell me you care, all I see is you looking away. Even if you tell me there is a way out, all I see is dead ends.
Still, how to escape ? Dancing my way out.
‘Dance your beauty with the moon’. :)

Heavy Nu Year !

Ahahaha.. :) I love my wishing`s attempt to include as many rock styles as possible.. :) Pfff.. I`ve been to Galautasi ( Harghita county, first village after passing Toplita ), where my house is.. Those of you who are senior readers of my blog already know more details about the place. Must say I`ve never thought everything that happened there could influence me in the future days of the rest of my life, but luckily, I was wrong. Here`s the story.
I was there with Csabi ( best friend ), _ADI_ ( best friend, actually boyfriend.. or.. I don`t even know.. ), Gigi and Adriana ( married couple, with a 3 year old kid – Ioana – left home ). My beloved car was the one that took us there, took us back home, so thank you blue sweetie, for not letting me down. :) Uhm.. well.. big story with the car as well..
So, as I was sayin`.. my house in the mountains, big snow, lovely atmosphere :

No point in underlining all the fun there was, I`ll just stop at the best part.. after the meal..

.. well, at about four hours after the meal, Gigi and _ADI_ hid the DVDs from me and Csabi, and told us to go to sleep. The line was endorsing me, I was the driver for the next day.. But who cared ? I didn`t drink for their safety, they could at least let me enjoy the evening with a movie ! But nooo.. then this whole situation found its way out when down on the floor, in the middle of a spontaneous reaction, Csabi said.. ‘Let`s go outside.’.. and then I said.. ‘Let`s.’. :))) It freakin` made me adore Csabi at the moment.. and it changed my life.. and point of view. I`ll never forget that walk.. I can talk anything I want with him, he`s so smart, intelligent, witty, wise, he`s perfect ! Nothing, in a looong time, shook my grounds like he did that night. River, church, cemetery, factory and back.. :) Soft and tender moments, sanded with clever lines, all tending to reach perfection.

And then a big question rose in my mind.. dabãl iu ti ef em ai duing ?