Heavy Nu Year !

Ahahaha.. :) I love my wishing`s attempt to include as many rock styles as possible.. :) Pfff.. I`ve been to Galautasi ( Harghita county, first village after passing Toplita ), where my house is.. Those of you who are senior readers of my blog already know more details about the place. Must say I`ve never thought everything that happened there could influence me in the future days of the rest of my life, but luckily, I was wrong. Here`s the story.
I was there with Csabi ( best friend ), _ADI_ ( best friend, actually boyfriend.. or.. I don`t even know.. ), Gigi and Adriana ( married couple, with a 3 year old kid – Ioana – left home ). My beloved car was the one that took us there, took us back home, so thank you blue sweetie, for not letting me down. :) Uhm.. well.. big story with the car as well..
So, as I was sayin`.. my house in the mountains, big snow, lovely atmosphere :

No point in underlining all the fun there was, I`ll just stop at the best part.. after the meal..

.. well, at about four hours after the meal, Gigi and _ADI_ hid the DVDs from me and Csabi, and told us to go to sleep. The line was endorsing me, I was the driver for the next day.. But who cared ? I didn`t drink for their safety, they could at least let me enjoy the evening with a movie ! But nooo.. then this whole situation found its way out when down on the floor, in the middle of a spontaneous reaction, Csabi said.. ‘Let`s go outside.’.. and then I said.. ‘Let`s.’. :))) It freakin` made me adore Csabi at the moment.. and it changed my life.. and point of view. I`ll never forget that walk.. I can talk anything I want with him, he`s so smart, intelligent, witty, wise, he`s perfect ! Nothing, in a looong time, shook my grounds like he did that night. River, church, cemetery, factory and back.. :) Soft and tender moments, sanded with clever lines, all tending to reach perfection.

And then a big question rose in my mind.. dabãl iu ti ef em ai duing ?

8 thoughts on “Heavy Nu Year !

  1. welcome home!!
    those are some great pictures, the house, the snow, the foooood :P
    I have the same question as auras: w. someone else? huh?! huh?! :D

  2. Thanks Ivett.. I know they are.. those are other houses.. I took the pictures from my house.. that`s actually my enourmous yard.. :)))))
    To answer you both.. if you think at that someone else as being Csabi.. then the answer is no… :)

  3. Auras.. it`s not too difficult to realise that.. :)..
    Mystique.. thank you.. and I`m sorry, but hey.. you`ve seen Rome ! Something that none of us did for Christmas. So cheer up. :)

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