Overclouded weather today

Bleary eyes searching for sunlight, but all there`s to be found has been pulled away and replaced with the orange outlines of the dormant city. Up in the sky, no twinkles teeming, no stars playing scrabble, hiding untold stories. The beat is the only thing to push me in a flashback movement between two gasps of puffing wind. Tangled in my own clumsy steps, awaken in my loose inners, factious in my stirring mind, I look up. It`s clear now, clouds possess all the sky`s empire.
It`s hard for me to believe now. Even if you tell me there will be light, all I see now is the high darkness. Even if you tell me you care, all I see is you looking away. Even if you tell me there is a way out, all I see is dead ends.
Still, how to escape ? Dancing my way out.
‘Dance your beauty with the moon’. :)

5 thoughts on “Overclouded weather today

  1. You mean the line ‘Dance your beauty with the moon’ ? :) Luna Amara – Your Garden. You might wanna try `em out, the guys are pretty cool.

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