I think I`m capsiiiizing
The waves are riiiiiisiiiing
And riiiiisiiiiiing
And when I get that feeliiiiiiin`
I need sexual heeeaaaaaaliiiiiiiing..

I`m obsessed. I know I am. It`s been a month now since this first started to happen.. One cold day of December, Ioana and I (the only ones in our class from this neighbourhood) took the most controversial bus in town to get to school… it`s the only one to the hospital from where we live as well, so it`s always overcrowded. I`m talking about line 23. Pfff, a month ago I still hated that bus from the bottom of my heart; it looks like an iron with wheels, you don`t even have space to breathe in it in the morning and it`s full of old people heading for the hospital first thing in the morning… there`s no room there, I tell you, and when your school bag is as enourmous as mine, you need to grow some wings if you ever (God forbid) need to move in it.

So, back to that cold December morning, Ioana and I were almost asleep, sitting right in front of the bus (on the inside, of course), `till we both started to stare at the driver.. We could only see his reflection in the mirrors. He wore a completely red blouse, I can still remember. Those blue eyes, his looks… He did seem a little old for us though (26 or above), so that`s why neither of us really felt like sayin` anything in the first place. Ioana started, anyway… :) All the way to the hospital we were talkin` about how cute he is. And since that day, the madness has started. >:)

What came next ? His blue eyes in the mirrors watching us, us watching him, smile exchanges, his mature looks, he… long-looking at us when we came out of the bus, his wheel genius to gain our admiration… :)))) We had to find out his name, so one day, we went with him to the final bus station, planning to talk to him or to hear his name, somehow. Terrible bad luck with some drivers shifting, but the conductor from his bus told us his name: Attila.. :))))))) We couldn`t believe our ears, it was exactly the name Tziru thought about, but she said that just to spite us.. :)))))) Well, all in all, we found out his name… :))

After a couple of weeks of vacation for us, school started now again.. so there we are, taking the 23 to the hospital again. Now he wears a blue blouse that assorts with his blue bus, blue eyes, blue sky.. :))) The things aren`t the same, they tend to get out of control.. We`re too involved, Ioana and I are loosing our minds already, we have to talk to him, we even nicknamed him.. BD that is.. :)))) [ == bus driver.. THE bus driver ! :) ]. He may be the most beautiful guy we`ve ever met.. wish I had enough guts to take a picture.. :) He`s the atypical image of a bus driver nowadays. I know, I know whacha think.. he`s a bus driver, how much school can he have ? How smart can he be ? Ioana and I made up a great story for this: he graduated 3 universities, and he`s driving now to experience all that`s possible on Earth, in search of the most unknown sensations. :))) Seriously now, you can tell if someone`s smart or not just by looking at him, and believe me, this guy is smart.. and sooo… mmmmmmh.. he`s adorable ! Wish I had the guts to take a picture of him, or talk to him, we`re so eager to hear his voice, to know how he thinks.. :)))) As I said, we`re obsessed. And I don`t know why I have the feelin` this is only the beginnin`..

We are acting like complete morons.. stupid kids. :) But maybe BD is worth it… :) How to approach him ? How to square up to him ? Any ideas ? :-S

3 thoughts on “BD

  1. uuuuuu… sounds exciting!! :P
    23- such a beautiful number, blue everywhere sounds so warm :)), omg, what am I talkin’ about?! :D
    don’t worry.. u’ll get to meet him sooner or later and it will be sooo great!
    p.s. about that picture you were talkin’ about… make it quick (I’m curious)

  2. Oh my god…now I know why you think twice before giving links to common people for your blogs. Damn crazy girl! I like you so much, haha! :-)

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