Crash ! Boom ! Bang !

That`s my car.. and that`s how its left side used to look.. before Thursday, when early in the morning I decided to go to school with the car. My dad was in Greece, it was just sitting in the parking lot for nothing.. Plus, I was going to have the great Info thesis.. and BD was only payin` attention to Ioana, without knowing who she is or who does my number.. belong to.. :)) So I took the keys and the papers, cleaned the snow off the car, and went to school. Nice and quiet road, even if it was dark and freezing, everything went smooth and I got to school ok. Can`t say the same thing about my way back…
Ioana and Tziru joined me.. I was suppose to leave Tziru downtown, and take Ioana home with me.. but some weird fucked up thing happened to the car`s engine.. Only two spark plugs were working instead of four, so the engine didn`t have enough power.. ( common problem to Dacias` vehicles during winter time, as I`ve heard later on. ). I had to push the acceleration paddle to the maximum for the car to move like the paddle was pushed only to half.. :/ The car suddenly stopped in lotsa crossroads, so I decided to do anything not to slow down or stop `till home. So there we were, all screaming and wanting to disappear from the face of the Earth when we had to slow down or stop. I even started the wreck lights, if they were any good..
The funniest thing on the whole road was Tziru having to step out downtown. Of course I didn`t want to stop the car for it not to remain in the middle of the town, blocking the traffic. She was too unpatient, she thought she could get out of the car as I was driving, and I was driving kinda fast.. fuckin` stupid bitch ! She was sittin` in the back ( Ioana was beside me ), when she opened the door, preparing to get out !! She had one foot almost down.. goddamn stupidity pushed to the limits.. ! Well anyway.. that wasn`t something you get to see everyday in our trivial downtown : a car with the wreck lights turned on, an opened door with a girl preparing to jump.. with screaming and swearings towards her. :)))))))))))))))))))))))) Ahahahaha.. :)))) Luckily, I had to stop at the lights, so Tziru safely got out of the car.. eventually.
The sad part of the story is just beginning.. I had a crash, due to nervousity state and my lack of attention. The poor guy was just sitting at the lights, with his new Solenza. Let me draw it to you, as I did so many times at the police. :))

Both our left sides are unrecognizable. :) The sound is awful, you never want to hear it.. I got quite scared. More than that, I was in shock for about two minutes. Neither of us ( me and Ioana ) couldn`t say anything. Then my door suddenly opened and this 50 year old guy started to yell.. then we went to the police with his car.. we signed our statements.. I had to write his as well because he didn`t have his glasses.. sheesh.. Ioana was with me during the whole time.. so I didn`t freak out.. then _ADI_ and Gigi came to the police as well and everything was more than ok.. we even laughed about Tziru and all the bad luck I had that day.. :) I have great friends.

Mom`s reaction was ok, she didn`t yell or get mad as I`ve expected, she was quite comprehensive.. she even gave me the money to pay the ticket from the police.. 75 RON.. :) Now my dad has to come home from Greece to evaluate my work of art to the car`s left side. :/ Oh man. I don`t even wanna find out his reaction.. as it`s the one I fear the most. From now on he`ll surely buy the CASCO package of insurance. Hmpf…

10 thoughts on “Crash ! Boom ! Bang !

  1. Well.. even if my dad buys a new car.. guess which one will belong to me ? :))
    My guess is that if you own a Dacia, you must know how to repair it.. at any hour. :)

  2. It certainly is cheaper than other car models to fix. No doubt about that.

    P.S.: I thought first from the picture that that is VW Golf :). You can’t tell if it’s a hatchback or not.

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