‘Share a secret’ :)

Inspired, of course, from PostSecret .. It`s amazing what people can say there. :)
I`ve enabled the anonymous comments option, so anyone who reads this can actually share a secret.. no restrictions whatsoever. You can use that ‘anonymous’ for a name, I`m not curious who you are, just what you think.. a secret you`re willing to share while no one knows. You only have to use words..
No one knows who you are. :)
I`m gonna leave this here for a few days, if interesting things are revealed. :)

9 thoughts on “‘Share a secret’ :)

  1. I`m so curious who`s behind the peeing in the sink fact.. you can`t even imagine.. :))))) So.. I think this is the end of the anonymous posting period.

  2. the funeral thingy was so interesting that I wanna do that too after I’m dead :D, I’m also very curious about my so called friends and co.

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