Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Tentativă de recenzie

Toată imaginaţia şi inspiraţia mea atârnă de 3 ore dormite noaptea trecută, aşa că nu voi fi prea artistică, ci doar îmi voi lăsa părerile să se aşterne singure, într-un mod lucid şi realist. Aşadar : mult promisul şi aşteptatul album “Loc lipsă” a ieşit pe piaţă, după câteva luni bune. Dacă vi se pare […]

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Return of stEWpid

Eeew, ew, triple ew and I do mean ew and bleah and *throwing out sound*. Guess who`s back from her two months trip to France to visit her monster… uhm… nephew ! Indeed, our formmaster is back, with an incredible French brainwash. I`m so ( not ) curious about what she has to say to […]

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This guy over here is the only one that kissed me ( on my nose ) on Valentine`s Day. :) He ( I can`t talk about him using ‘it’, sorry ) is the spoilt bratt of the family, for he`s extremely mild and funny. We was brought in June, I picked him after studying all […]

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Be my… anti-Valentine !

Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative and shallow interpretation of romance day ! Well, it`s here. And I`m all alone facing it. As much as I love Iris, as much as I appreciate the fact they`re starting their Iris Maxima tour from our city, I won`t go to see `em tomorrow. Why ? ‘Iris […]

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‘You have been tagged’ zise el mailul. Hai s-o facem şi pe asta, că tot e la modă; să ne-mbracăm în eternul şi fascinantul roz şi să fim trendy. Poate altădată. :)) Patru joburi pe care le-am avut – asta e extraordinar de grea pentru mine, vă daţi seama, îmi musteşte CV-ul de atâta experienţă […]

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Another Friday in Cage

If it`s Friday, it`s rock night in the already familiar to you Cage bar, or pub, or whatever it is. Gotta love that place I tell you. Pulled some strings and I managed to go as well, how could I not, when Cotoara teribbly threatened me to deny my membership in the rockers` class community […]

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It took a while and a dozen sighs to pull myself together and hit the new post button. My thoughts were spread in a thousand directions like the brains of a suicidal a few moments after he pulled the trigger. Dad in Greece, mom stressed out because of the company, the trip to Sighisoara cancelled, […]

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Early or late ?

It`s late in the night, or early in the morning, I can`t really tell. My head really hurts, no wonder. I`m listening to Celelalte Cuvinte, just discovered them, they`re actually pretty cool, especially this song ‘La ceas tarziu’. Why thank you, Vlad. :) Why am I not sleeping ? I`m afraid to. Too many horrible […]

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Rox` in the big jungle

Once upon a time, there was uhm… me. And my dad ( not in Bulgary or Greece this time ). And this city ( situated in a country in which you have to set your watch 20 years back ). And one cold ( very cold, absolutely freezing ) morning, my dad decided to send […]

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WTF ?!

Well ain`t that cute … ? But it`s WROOOOOOONG !!! Don`t they wanna meet Adi de Vito as well ? Sheesh.

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