Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

Sâmbăta Grea 2

Dac-am promis că povestesc, mă ţin de cuvânt, că deh, încă nu-s în guvern, să promit şi să uit… Concert, la noi ( OMG ), hardcoreală mare ( fără metal, figure that out ), headline : Guerrillas din Cluj ( OMFG ! ). Buuun… ajung acolo, lumea pornită pe party, unii cu flacoanele de beri […]

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In a hurry

Won`t say much now, `cause as you see, I`m in a total hurry, so that I won`t miss the concert tonight… Oh yeah, second edition of Sâmbăta Grea >:). But I`ll tell you more after I get back. So, here`s a picture that you can find all over the place now : Cluj, Bucureşti, Constanţa, […]

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Unde mi-e coletu` ? Sau măcar recomandata.

Nu ştiu ce am de la o vreme, m-a apucat serios cheful de scris în limba română. Ştiu că nu va mai ţine mult, aşa că profit de ocazie să vă mai povestesc o boacănă tipic românească. În centrul atenţiei mele sporite : Poşta Română, împreună cu toate oficiile şi subinstituţiile ei. Buuuun… de vreo […]

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Ca orice elev de liceu, eu şi Ioana povestim în ore. Dar nu oricum, ci pe foi de hârtie, să nu care cumva să disturbăm ora profesorului “şi aşa mult mai obosit decât noi după 6 ore la şcoală”. Şi ca să nu le mai împrăştiem apoi prin toate caietele ce le vom împrumuta anumitor […]

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Weirdest morning ever

Today I have experienced the twilight zone. ‘Hiiiiii mom, I`m in the twilight zone !’. Or should I say, like in the Johnny Bravo cartoons, ‘the zone where normal things don`t happen very often.’ ? Either way, it was and still is freaky. The first clue of abnormality was the fact it was already 10 […]

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Rock Park

I`ve found some sorth of South Park characters-generator site, where you can create your own Sout Park avatar. Of course I forgot the link to the site… it`s late and I`ve got a couple of bears ( later edit -> I meant BEERS … :D ) on bord ( just got back from the tribute […]

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I keep writing and reading, actually, doing everything in a hurry lately. Like I`m running out of time. Dunno why. But now I`m here, chilling, ready to tell you a bit of what`s been going on lately. School is the head subject. Today, on 8th of March, there was another special occasion for the ass […]

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Well, it`s been a while since EgoPhobia last got out, it didn`t appear in December, but a double number is out now. Joy ! :) I wrote two articles for this number, both being published ( lucky me :D ). One`s in Romanian and the other one in English. ( “Teoria nimicului şi nimicurilor” / […]

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Anger, rage, temper… loneliness.

I call it a habit. The ‘against everything’ habit of mine. Things aren`t exactly going my way this period, and anger dominates me, filling me with energy in the night and exhaustion during the day, which is kinda fucked up, by the way. Wanna know how far it goes ? I can barely wake up […]

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