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I keep writing and reading, actually, doing everything in a hurry lately. Like I`m running out of time. Dunno why. But now I`m here, chilling, ready to tell you a bit of what`s been going on lately.
School is the head subject.
Today, on 8th of March, there was another special occasion for the ass lickers to ask for money; 5 RON each, to buy flowers for our beloved female teachers, that means 10. I don`t know what they imagined, we`re 27. What`s with all those money ? Oh well, I didn`t even give a coin; Ioana and a few others either. Man I`m so sick of this. Today they were complaining to our formteacher they had to give money from their own pocket to be enough because of us. I told Vlad the formstupid will ask the main ass lickers who didn`t redound, and he just said, after a short pause… ‘neaaaaah, she couldn`t’. Well I guess I know better, she actually did, during the break. She even took the list, but didn`t say anything. Oh, I can`t wait for some next class to be asked thousands of questions about this. I`ll just say I didn`t give money because I`d feel I wouldn`t be giving the flowers from the heart. And that`s as sincere as I can get. Oh, the formstupid deserves to DIE, by the way.
Another idiotical thing she did this week was to actually get a psychologist to Ionel, one of my classmates. He`s this… boor-aggresive type of guy, but pretty smart and funny, who always has the perfect line in every conversation. This year, Ionel stopped learning anything. He simply stopped. I don`t know what happened, he failed lotsa objects, but willful; I think he reached the maximum distaste a person could feel towards school. :) Anyway, I think you have to be a little weak to let yourself go like he did, but this is not the point. The formstupid ( sorry, I can`t talk different about her ) got him a psychologist, after Lobi, the Maths teacher, invented the famous by now line ‘Ionel doesn`t care’. That`s, for sure, the laaast thing Ionel would need right now. His indifference can only be cured with understanding and, well, more indifference coming from us. Especially from the teachers. It`s his downpoint, he has to overcome it alone. But do I know better than her… ?
As I was sayin`, some people really deserve to die.
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9 Responses to “Formstupid”

  1. ionuca

    Ouch, now that was indeed something not very nice of ‘stupid’ to do. I mean, wtf? So you didn’t give money to buy some stupid little flowers. She can’t do a thing about that, cause it’s only YOUR choice. Bleah… never imagined a teacher could actually do usch a thing. Yet again, I still have so many thing to learn. :D

  2. Bidigania

    Florile pentru tine sunt aici!:)

  3. Rainforest

    Some people don’t even deserve your attention… Do your thing and don’t give a damn about them.

  4. Roxa Trutza

    Ionuca, wait, you`ve seen nothing, this is one of the purest thing she did… :))))) Rainforest, you`re absolutely right, but I have to live with such people at least 6 hours a day.

  5. ivett

    oh, I don’t wanna hear about money.
    12 grade= billions :(

    2 milllions ‘the prom’
    1 million photo album
    1 million… presents for all the stupid, idiot, stinky teachers!!!

  6. Auras

    School is getting too depressing now. And I think the weather has something to do with it. Anywayz it damn sucks right now. I had the same problem with raising money today and everybody shouted when they’ve heard that I didn’t want to give money to “bribe” the principal. And in the end it didn’t work for them as they’ve wanted.

    Anyway.. school is too depressing now and teachers are feeding this state and they don’t even know they do. And more and more I’m thinking they don’t even help me in any way anymore. Hell they didn’t do me any good in the last 3 years, so why should they do it now ?

  7. Roxa Trutza

    Ivett… if the money were raised for a good purpose, other than appearance and ‘OMG, what would everyone say ?’, I would have nothing against giving them… but that is ridiculous !
    Auras, they never helped us, I`m glad someone finally realized this. I wouldn`t describe it as depressing ( well, there are a few days though… ), but disturbing. It doesn`t make me sad that much, but it wakes up the rage in me.
    I`m proud of what you did, not giving money for the principal… Great ! :)

  8. Green

    Hahaha I’ve been bitching about the same problem @school. They got nothing from meh. Nothing I say. :glad:

  9. Roxa Trutza

    I like you. :D

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