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Weirdest morning ever

Today I have experienced the twilight zone. ‘Hiiiiii mom, I`m in the twilight zone !’. Or should I say, like in the Johnny Bravo cartoons, ‘the zone where normal things don`t happen very often.’ ? Either way, it was and still is freaky.
The first clue of abnormality was the fact it was already 10 o`clock in the morning and mom didn`t come to rise and shine me, time to get up, you`re sleeping late again. I got up all by myself, and went to have breakfast. Suddenly, this very weird conversation began… My folks have seen some news about a satanic group who`s sending messages on the internet and teenagers kill themselves after reading them. And guess what, it happend in our country, in Sibiu, where there are 3 suicidal cases in a highschool… I was like wtf ?! Then dad told me he`s seen my book about death, which I borrowed from the library. It was like he was askin` me if I`m planning to kill myself. :) I had to make it clear that book is plain philosophy, and mom agreed `cause she read a few pages herself. Then I said that everything I read, even if it seems weirder, is out of curiousity. Then, out loud… ‘Oh for cryin` out loud, I don`t have suicidal intentions !’. Mom : ‘Don`t worry, she`s a clever kid…’ .. I don`t know how all those things have any kind of connection between them. I`m still with a huge WTF on my mind.
Moving on with the weird stuff, __hell__ ( a friend who lives in Tudor, another neighbourhood in my town ), told me it`s hail raining over there. Hail belongs to the summer, and Dambu ( my neighbourhood ) is not that far away, and here it wasn`t even raining. Oddly, again.
Then I ran into this site : http://www.altguitarbass.com/weird/ .

Tell me that`s not bizzare. :-S That and the other guitars there. I wonder what`ll happen next today…

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5 Responses to “Weirdest morning ever”

  1. ionuca

    :)) Nice conversation you had with you parents. I simply ‘love’ the way they suffocate you with they care. And if smth bad happens to I don’t know who then it MUST happen to you as well. When will they calm down? :D

    As for that guitar, it’s awesome! =))

  2. Auras

    … si la chitara buda, Auras …

  3. Roxa Trutza

    Aaaahahahhahaa Auras =))))))))) That was funny, man.. :))
    Ionuca, my folks aren`t as bad as they seem; they`re not at all close-minded about anything. They`ve been educated… :))))) Kidding. But yes, parents do have certain mentality problems, generally speaking. A few years ago they were pissing me off, now I`m tryin` to be immune. :)

  4. Green

    Mwha ha ha. Now Roxa leave the knife and the rope alone. I’ll play you some at the wc guitar and I promise you’ll be dead in a few minutes. It’s vouchsafed :>

  5. Roxa Trutza

    Even if I wanted to do it, I won`t use a knife or rope… it`s too damn painful, you feel when you die. :) A headshot would do just fine. :P
    Oh, you want to kill me softly too… :)))

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