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In a hurry

Won`t say much now, `cause as you see, I`m in a total hurry, so that I won`t miss the concert tonight… Oh yeah, second edition of Sâmbăta Grea >:). But I`ll tell you more after I get back. So, here`s a picture that you can find all over the place now : Cluj, Bucureşti, Constanţa, Timişoara, Arad, Bistriţa, Sibiu, Alba Iulia, Deva, Baia Mare, Oradea, Târgu Mureş, Sighişoara, Petroşani, Valea Arieşului, Abrud, Câmpeni and Roşia Montană.

MindBomb simply kick ass, I love those guys. I hope our ‘beloved’ president won`t simply admire his shiny golden face… Asshole.
So, guess what happened on Friday ? The ass lickers asked for money again. :)))))))))))))))) What for ? Well, our math teacher is having an exam to obtain the first degree in the educational system, and some inspectors are coming to watch him teach. Guess the ass lickers are out of cigarrets again, so they told us to bring 1 RON each to buy him flowers. =)))) Surprisingly, it didn`t piss me off this time ( at least not in the beginning ), I simply started to laugh my ass out. Ioana almost choked herself while drinking water when she heard the news. :)))))) Oh and guess what ? We`re not even thinking about giving that precious 1 RON for this. :) I guess you all understand why.
Sooooo, fuck everything and everyone, I`m going away to party. Guerrillas are in town, and I`m definitely not missing that !
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5 Responses to “In a hurry”

  1. Green

    Has Fun!

  2. ionuca

    Yup, MindBomb and Greenpeace really do a great job together. :P

  3. Roxa Trutza

    Greenpeace, indeed. It slipped my mind… :)

  4. ivett

    pe mine ma sperie toata chestia asta, zau. daca greenpeace si mindbomb nu rezolva mare lucru (ca deh, cheliosu’ e la putere) ne-am cam dus pe… apa sambetei :(

  5. Roxa Trutza

    Noi nu, insa vreo 5 munti si-o vale cu siguranta. Insa nu doar MindBomb si Greenpeace trebuie sa se implice…

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