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Phew ! Home, finally, after such a full day. Yesterday, the Procter & Gamble promotion got to our school, and the same blah blah (about menstruation, condoms & AIDS, hair and its health, etc.) occured. The hair issue was quite delicate, anyway; they showed us some photos of hairbreadth seen at a microscope, in different circumstances : dirty hair, unhealthy hair and burned hair. Well, since then, Ioana and I (yes, I sortta forgiven her for what she did, but I`m still very cold and I can`t trust her completely) had this obsession of our hair looking exactly like that. If you could have only seen our despair; we kept saying we have no hair, we have something dead on our heads, looking ugly. We felt ugly (not that we aren`t, but… even more). We needed a haircut immediately. Taking action and attitude, we stopped complaining and manage to have our hair fixed. Hiuh, I feel so much better now. :D It`s not that short, not that long, it`s just perfect… and able to grow until Peninsula, for effect headbanging. :>
Today, at Maths, Lobi was such a complete moron. No, not towards me, but another colleague whose situation at this object is not very shinny. He made him take into the teachers` room a chair. Well, knowing Lobi and his satirist way to act, the thing he made him do is interpretable, even if that`s all he said… it was like… ‘If you don`t know Maths, at least make yourself useful taking that chair. In the future it`ll be the same, you`ll only do physical work, for I`m sure you`re not able for anything intelectual.”. I may be wrong, but otherwise I can`t explain why he sent him. Anyway, I`m positive no other person in my class ever thought of anything similar, so… simple subjective opinion.
I`ve recently seen Keeping Mum and I find it hilarious and sadistic, the right movie for me. :))) That whimsy English humor which I personally adore is highlighted by Kristin Scott Thomas who plays just wonderful. It just made my day, I highly recommend it.
Uh, The Da Vinci Code came out this week. Fuck, I haven`t even read the book to decide for myself if it`s good or just a waste of time. Each time I ask for it at the library, they don`t have it, seems like everyone just wants to read it. Well, move faster, goddamn slow pokes. Good thing I have enough time to finish Orwell and start again with my beloved Proust, and maybe finish Eliade`s book I`ve started reading because my Romanian teacher recommend it.
So little time until the school year will end…

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  1. The Da Vinci Code, is a very good book, in my opinion! I read it, and now i wanna see the movie, wich has already premiered here in Portugal, the problem is that i do not have time! But i’m gonna get it, and i’ll see the movie as soon as possible!

  2. Hm… I’m not a fan of Dan Brown’s writings. For me, his books are just a way of killing time; nothing spectacular, nothing out of the ordinary, nothing to impress you. But, yet again, it’s only my opinion.

    I wonder how uncombed-hair-for-many-months looks like at the microscope. :D

  3. Vanessa : you`re on the YES side. See, Ionuca`s on the WHATEVER side. Plenty of people I know are on the NO side. I can`t tell the truth… I`ll have to read it myself. Auras, I want to borrow it, not to buy it. Can`t buy something if I don`t know it`s good. :) Ionuca, we`ll just have to experiment now, won`t we ? :D

  4. I didn’t like The Da Vinci Code… you should borrow something from Umberto Eco, The Name Of The Rose would be a good choice over Dan Brown’s. Proust? In Search of Lost Time? I always wanted to read it, I’ve even made a pact to myself to read before i turn 26. I’ve read almost the entire collection of Eliade. Loved it :)

  5. Thanks, I will borrow it, if you say it`s good… I trust your tastes. ;)
    Yeah, that`s exactly what I`m reading from Proust, but I`m still far from reading everything. It`s adorable, it keeps me in a continous state of processing theories.

  6. i believe that some people don’t like tho book, or are afraid to say that they really enjoyed it, because they think that if they say that they liked it, other people will think that they take for granted wath dan brown says! i think i’m kind of credited to say this because i’m an history student at university of lisbon, and like i said, i enjoyed the book, and i see it as a romance, and i don’t think that dan brown was trying to proove something, like jesus being married, but the truth is, that nobody knows anything for shure, wath we know about jesus was wath the emperor constantin decided to put in the bible, when he decided to creat a new religion to control and manipulate the population! i’m not trying to be controvercial! it’s just that so many things in the human history are hiden, and we never tooked knowlegd about them because some big and powefull institutions, like the churche, only say wath’s good for them! i am really waiting for to see wath judas wrote. was he really a traitor? or has he been the victim for so many years? the big truth is: we don’t know that for shure, and we might never get to know it!

    p.s.: hope i’m not being boring!
    but if i am, than i’m sorry, but this is wath teachears say! (and i’m also sorry for any writen mistake!)

  7. Conspiracies everyhere… the bible, the church, Pearl Harbour, Roswell, JFK, everything is known and denyed by tptb :))

  8. Vanessa… you have to remember a lot of people are very religious and won`t just ‘swallow’ some guy`s theory about how this world was actually created, and about Jesus being married and stuff. Told you, I haven`t read it yet to express my own opinion, I don`t really know what it is about, but I promise I`ll make a post especially for this issue; I can`t understand people`s reaction if I don`t even know what they`re talking about. But hey, everyone`s free to state his point of view. :)
    Cristy… ahahha ;)) Us being born is a conspiracy… do you even wonder ? :)

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