Eurovision 2006

Well, you may be wondering what`s with the title… well allow me to winnow your hopes and dreams about me becoming some imbecile pop music fan.


Meet Lordi, the guys who won`t win, but their song will shove some metal up everyone`s ass. Don`t get fooled by their silly masks, they`re actually pretty good. Very good, might say. And don`t even bother calling them clowns without hearing them or seeing what they`re about. Here, convince yourselves.

P.S. Romania`s Mihai Traistariu is so unimportant… hate his song, hate his voice, hate him.

OMG !!! They won !!! I can`t believe it ! I`m so happy ! \m/

21 thoughts on “Eurovision 2006

  1. I know only one song from Lordi and the chorus goes like this: ‘The Devil is a loser and his my bitch’ =))

  2. Uhm… There are other bands, finnish even, way better than Lordi, but hey! It’s ok @least I lmfao seeing ze “fufe” losing in front of a rock band! :D Justice!

  3. Rainforest : you`re slowly becoming a rocker… dear, oh dear. :)))))

    Ionuca, listen to Hardrock Hallelujah, you`ll be surprised. And the video`s even cooler, it gives you the feeling that rockers are really… special. :)

    Green, well, I`m sure they are. But you have to remember in 2000 Nightwish didn`t manage to win Eurovision. So, as far as I`m concerned, Lordi winning now is THE best thing that could have possibly happen in the history of that pink and naked competition. ;)

  4. Hey Roxa ! Old people really are a pain the ass ( no offense to those of you who happend to be fond of them ! ) . As for these guys , well , i’m not an Eurovision fanbut I do have to say that at least they managed to be original , at a time when most people make complete fools out of themselves , singing in some sort of moronic ( i don’t know if this words exists ! ) , portuguese song included . As ever , great post . Nunovsky !

  5. I was honestly appaled when I saw that Lordi won.

    It wasn’t the strange costumes. (you want to be original, good for you), it wasn’t the rock song (a change from all those whiney pop songs), it was the fact that it was a BAD metal song. I’m not a big fan of rock myself, but I can appreciate good songs. And this wasn’t it. It had no feeling in it. It seemed to go on and on… And “Hardrock HALLELUJAH”??? Now really…. hallelujah??? wtf?

    Traistariu’s voice is good. In my opinion, it’s not fitted for pop, but the sounds the man can make are incredible. Of course, the song wasn’t the best one, but it was catchy and he deserved the 4th place.

  6. I was screaming with alex on each contry
    who voted with “The finland”
    FSCK the pop music
    and FSCK “capshunarii” who voted with bad music
    Yah big surprise Romanians from Spain , France,Portugal,GB voted with …that lame
    romanian singer (I thought it was an vampire
    or something – it was so white and pale)

    If you wan’t to know why the metal reprensents the Finland think of few rock , heavy bands
    :nightwish , HIM, Apocalypica …

    And the eurovision wanted to band the rock from contest – That was the revenge of the Heavy Metal ;( They won , they were different

  7. Why be appaled ? If you`re not a rock listener, how come you realize this is a bad rock song ? :) I`m afraid I`ll have to disagree with you, Alina. All Europe suddenly became a heavy-metal critic. People, if you don`t have anything to compare it with, back off… sheesh.

    OldDeath, hey rocker. :) Glad you stopped by. :)

    Nuno, I`m glad you find them original. They really are; although Iron Maiden have Eddie monster as a mascot, they never took this concept this far, like Lordi`s costumes. Way to go, Lordi.

    Vanessa… who`s Mariza ? :P

    Mariusica, totally agree, dude. Rock on ! \m/ :D

  8. Mariza is the famous Fado singer, she recieved an award from BBC two years ago! she has a realy great voice! she fulfils theatres in England! it’s normal that you have never hear of her, ’cause she has promoted her work only in western europe! but you must hear her music… knowing i, that you understand portuguese, you must have already heard something from Amália (i hope)!

  9. Roxa… I assume you’re not a pop listener, yet you appreciated Mihai Traistariu to be, and I quote: “Romania`s Mihai Traistariu is so unimportant… hate his song, hate his voice, hate him.”

    What I believed happened at Eurovision was that Lordi was viewed more as a nonconformist band, trying to break the boundries and that’s why it got so many votes. Because it was different. Not because it was really good.

    Thus, if I can’t say if a metal song is good or bad, not being a true fan of the genre, that means you can’t say that a pop song is good or bad either. Doesn’t sound that great the other way around, does it?

    If we, as people, could only understand what we liked, what kind of world would we live in? Not everybody rejects what they don’t understand and labels it “bad”. Some people actually get it.

    But, all in all, it is a question of taste. :P

  10. Vanessa, I`m sorry to disappoint you, but… no Amália rings my bell, although I can speak and understand Portuguese (can`t write it, though)… I`d be grateful if you`d recommend me a few songs, I`ll download them to check her out. ;)

    Alina, you`re right, I`m not a pop listener at the moment, but guess with what I`ve been raised with ? My folks didn`t listen to Judas, Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin, and they didn`t put the guitar in my hand when I was 6 years old. No. I discovered everything I listen and I received a guitar when I was 18, kinda late. You can say I grew up with pop music, and dance, and all those bullshits I now find horrible to listen to. Well, some of them only, the bad ones. So I`m sorry to let you down, but I can tell the difference between a good or a bad dance / electronic / pop / hip-hop / raggae song. :)

    What do you mean with ‘some people actually get it’ ? That you really got a sense of Lordi`s song ? I doubt it. Listen well to the lyrics, search for them on google, see the video, and then tell me what you understand of the whole thing. I`m curious about your interpretation, you don`t seem to be a closed-minded person. ;) And if by that you were attacking my opinion about Traistariu, lemme tell you one thing : it is a matter of taste, like you said. I simply don`t like him. Kill me now.

  11. eh, vad ca ultimu` post al roxuliciului e-n romana, asa ca-mi dau frau liber spiritului mioritic.

    despre eurovision. nu l-am vazut. si singurele piese pe care le-am ascultato-vizionat (videoclip `n` all that) au fost tornero si hard rock halellujah (ultimu` chiar aci, in ograda voastra). si haide, fetelor, mai cu duhu` blandetsii, ca doar oameni suntem! cum zicea un om pe care-l cunosc: batalia asta-i pierduta inca de pe vremea lu` platon. critica ratsiunii pure va spune ceva? orice dezbatere care are tangentsa cu esteticul e traznita-n moalele capului de subiectivism. si subiectivismul asta nu numai ca nu dispare cand intra-n joc si o oaresce cultura muzicala, ba mai rau face, doar se stie “acoperit”!

    eh. acu` am sa incerc sa nu iau partea nimanui si sa zic doua-trei vorbe despre eurovisionu` asta. in primu` si-n primu` si-n primu` rand, cuvintele de ordine sunt: “comercial”, “audientsa”, “vanzare”, “publicitate”, “bani”. si-acu` stramb sa stam si drept sa judecam: in momentul in care un muzician sau o formatsie isi leaga activitatea muzicala de oricare dintre cuvintele de mai sus, se cheama ca au facut un.. com-pro-miiiis.. bravo! ei, iar cu aceste compromisuri, muzica (in integritatea ei ca arta) are de pierdut. eurovisionul e tot in primu` si-n primu` rand o rampa de muzica comerciala, si nu are sa se schimbe de nici o culoare, pentru ca au muuulte urechi si muuuultsi ochi de hranit in timpul sau si pentru ca niste muzici necomerciale ar putea da de (poate nu la fel, dar suficient de) muuuuulte urechi si muuultsi ochi in refuz de asemenea hrana, pentru a compromite – sagalnic cuvant, nu? – toata sandramaua muzicala europeana. ceea ce nu se doreste nicaieri in europa. total de acord, intre timp, arbitrii au invatsat sa fie mai tolerantsi si sa accepte melodii care sa incline si spre altceva decat muzica usoara, pop, slagare si alte alea. probabil din ratsiuni de bani si publicitate au trebuit sa schimbe olecutsica retseta; oricum, fapt este ca s-au mai intamplat si tot felu` de indivizi pe scena gen lordi sau marilyn manson wannabes aia de anu` trecut (nu mai stiu de unde erau, tot de prin peninsula, cred). dar oricum ai privi, clar este un lucru: melodii de muzica tseapana, necomerciala, nefacuta pentru public ci pentru cel care o canta si-o simte NU INTRA in eurovision. lordi nu fac exceptsie. da, o boare, un zefir de hard rock. da, voci guturale. da, olecutsica altceva. dar comercial, dar slagaros, dar, dar, dar. tornero-ul nostru a fost exact pe profilul standard de castigator al eurovisionului de altadata. acum patru-cinci ani probabil am fi castigat, si cu olecutsica de voturi in plus de bulgaria (care-i o tsara mica langa oltenia) si de pe la monaco (si-or fi amintit cum le trozneam cate opt goluri in preliminariile cupelor mondiale), probabil am fi castigat si-acu`. traistariu e un ins care duce patru octave si jumatate, parca (am auzit legende de sase, da` nu cred), dar care are o priza la public de papagal trist surogat caricaturizat de farinelli castrato. n-am nimic cu el, nu-l cunosc, da` asta-i parerea mea.

    pana data viitoare, s-auzim de bine.

  12. Ah, romana, bun. :)

    Mai oameni… sincer, nu ma omor dupa Traistariu catusi de putin. Da, voce are, dar nu de pop-dance sau ce-o canta el. Prezenta scenica – zero. Carisma – zero. Dans – zero. Insa, vorba cuiva, a avut un cantec-slagar pe tiparul Eurovision.

    Ideea mea era ca Lordi e un compromis rock si cei mai multi au fost vrajiti de look-ul lor si muzica vag metal si-au zis ca acu e ocazia sa faca rock-ul istorie. Sa castige un concurs de muzica pop. Si s-a votat in disperare. Fara nici un control adevarat de calitate. :P

    Discutia cu Eurovision ar fi foarte lunga. De la vedetele anonime sau nu care trebuie sau nu sa participe, inspre criteriile de proximitate spatialo-geografica pe care se transmit voturile.

    Meh, t’is just a contest. Io zic la anu’ sa-i trimitem pe Parazitii, sa faca si hip-hop-ul istorie. :P

  13. Se poate discuta pe orice limba, numai ca eu scriu bilingv, fiind citez “o fiintsa din regnu` cu cruce care vorbeste tare bine engleza”, am incheiat citatul. :) Cougar, my feline, pe unde mi-ai disparut perioada asta-ndelungata ? Te vad rareori online, ‘busy as hell’, par example.

    * subiectiva-n continuare *

    Aaanyway, sa nu deviem de la subiect, desi asta devine deja ceva pseudo-forum. N-am spus niciodata ca Lordi n-ar fi comerciali. Adica melodia castigatoare. Intregul festival se bazeaza pe ‘tag-urile’ lui Cougar, e un fel de groapa de gunoi a muzicii, care duhneste o data pe an. Lordi au ajuns intamplator acolo, se distrau, sunt tinerei (believe it or not… am poze ! :)) ), si au cateva albume heavy-metal la activ, deloc comerciale si… hm, nu foarte stralucite. Dar daca tot dezbatem infocat subiectul comercialului versus non-comercial… fiecarei trupe ii trebuie ceva comercial de lansare, de propulsare pe piata muzicala. Hai sa luam exemple concrete… cati au auzit de Cradle Of Filth si cati de Mayhem, luand exemple din categoria black metal-ului. Indiscutabil Cradle sunt sellout, dar asta nu implica faptul ca fac muzica de proasta calitate. Deloc. Blackerii stiu (ma rog, si acolo, cu pareri impartite, dupa gusturi si dupa acceptarea sau respingerea conceptului de sellout). Comercial am putea spune ca e si Black Album-ul celor de la Metallica. Enorm de multe piese de pe el sunt cunoscute de populatia non-rockista. Asta nu-nseamna ca nu e un album bun… poate preferatul multora de la Metallica. Si nu, nu-s fana Lordi, vai de mine, I`m a monster lover. Nu. Imi plac, da, nu pot sa neg, cam in aceeasi masura-n care-mi plac si o groaza de trupe death metal. Adica putin mai mult decat 0. :)
    Cat despre Traistariu, sincera sa fiu, pe mine ma cam dezgusta mr. Timberlake wannabe.

    * semi-obiectiva *

    Un lucru e cert. Lordi au castigat Eurovisionul si cred ca in cativa ani intreaga alura a festivalului se va schimba.

    * obiectiva *

    Uhm… bye. :)

  14. busy as hell, da. sesiuni, tampenii. deh. au sa vina si vremuri insorite. da` sa stii ca un offline-doua imi fac ziua mai buna.

    in alta ordine de idei, cu eurovisionu`.. pupat piatsa independentsii. ne-auzim.

  15. a good Fado song that you will for shure find on the internet is Povo Que Lavas No Rio, both Mariza and Amália have that music, ’cause it’s a classic! i just love it! oh…and you cal also hear this music: Canção do Mar, this time by Dulce Pontes, another great singer that i admire (she actually went to Eurovision Festival and got a good score!). I advise you to shearch on the internet for more musics, from this singers, you’ll see that you’ll enjoy it!

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