Throwing rocks against monotony

Ok, the teachers are going insane, it`s just now that they realize we have no fuckin` marks… that`s in case you wonder what I`ve been doing in the past few days. Some of them postponed everything `till next week. All that comes in my head is one question : what if I, let`s say, get ill right now ? Out of their own stupidity and lack of care, they`d be capable to fail me at their subjects or give me 2, 3 or 4 because I`m not there. You stupid fucks, didn`t you have all the time in the world to give marks ? But of course the pupils will be the ones to blame, the fault is aaall on them. Idiots.

Lately I`ve realized the sleeping troubles I kept having turned around. No insomnias or other disorders, but now I constantly suffer from lack of sleep, although I sleep almost all day long. :)) The weather isn`t helping me to get more energetic, it`s kinda cold and lowering outside. And trust me, in such atmosphere, not even an interesting conversation can keep me from falling asleep. :)

Today two colleagues had their 18th anniversary. So, one of them, for their birthday, came to school with a bottle of liqueur. After two gulps I was like woo-hoo… :)))))) I could feel it through my veins, and it made me a little happier, but nothing more. The whole bottle only managed to cheer us up, we were too many for the effect to be stronger ( thank God, eh ? :))) ). It was weird, I never imagined any of my colleagues showing up with alcohol at school. Yeah, I know what you`re thinking, that we`re a bunch or irresponsible profligate kids, but trust me, not even far. The ocassion was special, that it. I`m sure our teachers drink a whole lot more when someone`s birthday is celebrated in the teachers` room.

Hmmm… I feel everything`s going just fine, but of course, the shadow`s hanging on. I`m not happy, not sad, not even in the middle. I don`t know what I am either. :) Oh, I need a summer job, but nothing at the horizon… How am I going to get all the money I need for the rock festivals, hell knows. Waiting for school to end… then make up a strategy for this summer.

6 thoughts on “Throwing rocks against monotony

  1. You lucky you. At least you have a summer. I only have about a week or two for relaxation in august. Besides that I have exams, college applications, traveling from city to city, then back again to find a place to stay.

    Watch out with those summer jobs. I suggest you don’t go lower than 25-30 lei/8hrs/day. I so have laughed when I found out that my coleague got suckered for 15lei/10hrs/day for a slave job.

  2. you’re not the only one with marks or grades problems at school! teacher here in portugal, specialy the ones at universitys, have no respect for us, i mean, they are never at time, and then made up the worst excuses to explain why, why, and why… we are so sick and tired of them! the only good thing are our friends at the university!
    and sleep problems… don’t tell me about them! :-)

  3. so let`s all join together `n` sing kumbaya, my dears.

    the summer`s to be great and i`m not plannin` on missin` anything. self-upgrading process, so to say.

  4. It looks like teachers are asses no matter where they live! :D

    Don’t worry too much about school and teachers. It’s not worthy.

    I do hope you’ll find a decent summer job. Last summer I wanted to work in a pub, but, imagine that, my parents said NO, after I heard them complain I’m good-for-nothing. I see you don’t have the same problems. That’s cool!

    As for the concerts and fests, I’m sure that where a concert is going to be, that’s where you’re going to find Roxa! ;))

  5. Auras : there` nothing to choose from… I`d do anything for any sum, as long as it`s enough to wander the country for rock events. :)

    Vanessa : so I see it`s a universal problem. Damn, I thought we`re the only ones in that kind of situation…

    Cristy : don`t we all ? :/

    Ionuca, no, they`d let me do anything… it`s good to try everything in this life. :) I`d work as a director and cleaning lady in the same time, to try everything, trust me. :)) Too bad your folks don`t think the same. :/ As for the concerts, sure hope so. :D Meet you there ! :))

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