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It`s killing me

My heart is currently breaking in thousands of pieces. I haven`t been in this state since last year when I couldn`t go to Roşia Montana because I had failed Maths and had to stay home to study for the exam (God, I hate Maths!). Yeah, I`ve missed Soulfly and Ektomorf this year, but the feeling`s incomparable. This cuts deeper. I`m missing Radiohead at Sziget, in Hungary. Today.
Not that I have enough money – solvable issue – but I had no one to go with. Everyone who likes Radiohead seems to enjoy Placebo too (I`m an exception, I guess), and they`re coming tomorrow in Romania. One more reason to blacklist Placebo. :)

Oscillating between anger and a tragically unique form of pain, I`ve been listening almost all day long to Radiohead. Their every album is a voyage through modernity (urbanism, technology, illness – where Yorke is probably inspired by his own paralyzed left eye) and Thom Yorke`s extraordinary lyrics emphasize this unparalleled mixture of guitar and piano. They have some electronic influences as well, just like Skinny Puppy and Muse, and I was shocked when I found out Yorke used to play in some techno band. :) Ah… gotta love those who begin with electronical music and end up rocked. :))

Anyway, I`m home, left ‘high and dry’, quoting them. :/ In my agony, at least I`m doing something good. I sweared I was going next year to stay there during the whole festival. Diana will come with me and the money are being raised starting… yesterday. Do not fucking laugh.

Now I have bills too, not only coins. I swear to “stock” everything I don`t need there and not to touch the money `till next year, before Sziget.

“It`s like the world is gonna end so soon
And why should I believe myself ?”
( Radiohead – You )

:/ Bleah.

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7 Responses to “It`s killing me”

  1. ionuca

    Come here, dear Roxa! If this helps, last year I missed Moonspell cause I had my Cambridge Exam and what’s more, this year I missed Depeche Mode cause of fucking Bac! [take notice: it’s DEPECHE MODE I’m talking about!!! D-E-P-E-C-H-E M-O-D-E. Ok, I think you got the point :D].

    I’m sure Radiohead will come to Romania too. I can almost bet on that, but you keep raising money for Sziget cause it sure is a hell of a festival! ;)

  2. green

    Can I add myself on the “I’ve lost the fockin concert” list ? Lake of Tears in march. Haven’t listened to them since then.. it’s kinda painfull.

  3. Roxa Trutza

    Ionuca, uhm, is that close of me missing SOAD ? :) `Cause if it is, I totally understand and thank whomever I have to for not being in your position. :)) I don`t know if they`ll come here, indie rock is still a stranger for most of the Romanian rockers and the organizers know it, they won`t take chances. :/

    Green… you could have gone there with your dad, if I recall, but you were too proud to except the compromise, right ? :)) Damn. I went with my dad to see Paradise Lost and it was great ! In the end, all that matters is the show, you being there and enjoying the band you went to see. I`m sorry you missed them, but you have a part of the blame, too. That is… if I remember correctly. Maybe I`m wrong.

  4. ionuca

    Yes, Roxa, it was like you missing SOAD :-< Goddamn that Bac exam!

  5. Roxa Trutza

    I`m so sorry. :/

  6. I sympathize, i too have missed radiohead, the tickets got sold out and i couldn’t even scalp a few, it was a depressing day.

  7. Oh man, that`s even more frustrating than not having enough money to go. :) Don`t worry, we shall not leave Earth without seeing them live. :D

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