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Yeah, I`m done with LOST, finally. :) What can I say ? An extremely interesting and intriguing TV show (with a twisted ending of the second season – loved it!) that will keep me curious `till the 4th of October when the third season will begin.

Yesterday, my folks went to Metro and Selgros to buy stuff; I hate shopping, so I didn`t attend them. They bought me copybooks. The Maths ones have ‘WILD’ written on them. ‘WILD’… on my 12th grade copybooks. Wild my ass, I won`t even be able to breathe, I`ll be sprouted from two sides, teachers and parents, the pressure, the expectations, the suffer… I`m horrified. Come to think of it, I don`t even want to imagine how many times I will wish I was never born.

The summer`s ending and I didn`t draw the line. I still don`t know where I stand in my ‘path’ towards college and I hate people who have all their life figured out… being all proud that they know their way and thinking “OMG, how come you still don`t know ?!”. Well fuck you all, I don`t.

Today I was thinking of giving up FânFest for many reasons, until I came across this:

It`s just a silly Yahoo! Doodle drawing, but it meant so much when it was made… I don`t have the heart to stay home, even if I`m so not excited about the event. ‘What the hell is wrong with her ?’, you might ask yourselves. Maybe she doesn`t know either. Maybe she`s making up reasons, maybe she`s just in a bad mood, maybe is all I have now.

If you think this is a fucked up post in which I`m going through some depression, wait `till school starts.

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  1. >:D< Come here! You'll see that in a day's time you'll get excited about going to FanFest, you'll start making plans and you will get out of this shitty state of mind. We have some mountains to rescue so pull yourself together and move ya ass up there! ... to FanFest, that is. :) And btw, the Bac exam is just a big fart. It’s incredibly easy!

  2. I went where I went because I didn’t care enough to take another exam. So, chill. You still got 11 months. That’s enough, geez, you’ll have Christmas hangover (wine), New Year hangover (beer/champagne), prom hangover (wine/beer/champagne), 11 periods (pain) and all these other times to stay home and ponder about crap.

    … or you could just work somewhere.


  3. first of all, the BAC is a piece of cake. i know you can’t believe. i was the same one year ago, but trust me, i’ve realised there is too much fuss about nothing.

    second of all, if you’ll drop fanfest, and, me!! [egoncentric moments] i’m going to kick your ass!


  4. You’re coming. PERIOD. The “hay festival” needs you. I need you. You wouldn’t let down a mountain range and a poetpsyhcodreamer, would you? :)

  5. You’ll realise how easy the BAC was only after you finish all the exams. Of course you’re in panic mode now, everybody is. Just take into consideration the opinion of millions – it IS easy. :)

    You should enjoy your last year of happiness, cause when college hits… now THAT is pain. :-s

  6. Ionuca, you`re right about me changing my disposition( >:D< ), but I`m not sure about that exam... you never had to deal with Maths at this level, being a complete disaster. Dude, you saved your ass from 6 years of torment with your laziness, you did good. :) As for me… drinking and pondering ‘about crap’ – that`s some kind of a second name for my future and I totally agree – just don`t mix. Hug right back. :) Arana, first of all, just like Ionuca, easy to say when you didn`t have to deal with such awful objects, such as… you know. Second of all, I`m not giving anything up, but still… you`re the one who traded me for someone else on another day. :)) Yeah yeah, we`ve been through this, I know. Diana, I let those mountains down already because I`m a complete useless, moron, stupid and amnesic. What a waste if I wouldn`t go… but I`m coming anyway. I have a plan and I need your help, I`ll tell you in private. >:)

    Grey, don`t say that. Don`t ever say that, you`re good. I`m not. :) And I`m coming, don`t worry, can`t wait to see you !

    Alina, if college is pain too, I swear I`ll pull the trigger. :)

  7. I am sure that there are more people who don’t have their life all planned up than those who have. You will eventually switch sides. The hell with school! You’ve got HayFest to think about and next year has a few major events too. Just make sure to put an umbrella on the list :)

  8. Thanks for remind me, I really forgot the umbrella. :)) Hope I find a place for it, everything`s full. Too bad you`re not coming. :/

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