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*twitching fingers* Redrum !

1. After all the fuss about LOST finally disappeared, with a promising return next month, I find myself completely addicted to a series again, cartoons this time. It`s Daria. Remember Daria ? Round glasses, antisocial, whimsy humour and sarcastic ? There are tons of episodes on youtube. Frankly, after a few days of watching, I began taking like her, if you exclude the low tone of her voice. I meant sarcasm bursting, not behaving in a silly manner and avoiding people who don`t meet my standards. Guess what… it`s really funny. :>

2. Walking down the street today, I exchanged glances with an early morning 23 bus female suffer partner who seemed really surprised to see me after all this time and smiled my way home because someone`s happy to see me, even if it`s a complete stranger. She smiled too.

3. I`m currently experiencing “The Old and The Beautiful”. This old neighbour of mine living two doors away at the same floor brought me a bag of pears from his garden last week. Next thing I know, mom sent me to give him some goodies she cooked. Forasmuch I`m not suitable for such compromising sentimental issues, I sent my dad. He seems to care for him more than I do. A few days ago, the old guy came to our door to bring me more pears, promising to bring me flowers to give to the teachers when school starts (like that`s ever gonna happen). The neighbour constantly reminds me of a delusional old lady who kept imagining I`m her daughter. She`s dead now.

4. Blogger is out of his… minds ? I tried to post a picture and I was asked to press the ‘done’ button. The only problem was that the page had no button. None whatsoever. On a second thought, I take that back. :)

School`s starting on Friday. My kingdom for a will of gold. Other two or three utterly important issues would have worth being written here, but why bother ? 4 AM in the window worked so far.

P.S. If you`re wondering about the title, go check the urban dictionary.

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7 Responses to “*twitching fingers* Redrum !”

  1. ionuca

    Come on, old people are so nice! Maybe this one has a crush on you! =))

  2. grey

    daria? oh, god… i got a poster on my old gal door. i say next will be sex and the city… just like in my case. =)) and then friends… you are hopeless. :))

  3. Roxa Trutza

    Ionuca, wanna die ?

    Grey, I can`t believe you have a Daria poster. Same question for you, in this case. :)

  4. ionuca

    Nope, and although my life ain’t worth shit, I still don’t wanna “give it away” :P

    Love you too :P

  5. Alina

    Now I’m hooked on Daria. Curses!!

  6. green

    I used to be a Daria freak, but after some time.. it just got boring.
    Ionuca, old people are just old.. and it’s kinda scary for Roxa if her neighbour has a crush on her. I’d watch out everytime I’d be home alone :-“
    PS: I don’t wanna die either :D

  7. Roxa Trutza

    Ionuca, c`mon, ‘t was a joke. :) >:D< Alina, I`m not sorry. ;)) Green, how can you get bored of Daria ? There is no such thing. And thank you for bringing that up again… :)))

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