Back to school

This is not happening. Please tell me this is not happening. It`s a nightmare and it`ll go away, right ? Couldn`t sleep all night, I was rolling in bed having all these thoughts on my mind and now I`m really tired.

What do we know about this school year, other than the usual exam fuss, teachers and parents driving you insane and the constant wish of never being born ? Well, if you remember Lobi, my Math teacher, yes, the one from the Prague and Vienna trip story, he became principal of the school now, so we don`t know for sure if he`s going to still teach this year. Oh, and that moronical creature imitation who I used to call head teacher or formstupid (depending on the stupidity level), is… GONE ! :)) She`s in France and never coming back, or so we`ve heard. M`kay, the bad part is that I don`t even know who`s gonna be our next head teacher. Either way, they can`t possibly find anyone more stupid, evil or hypocrite then her. Big plus.

I keep listening to Deftones – My Own Summer and I still can`t believe that my own summer is gone, too. Guess I`ll have to shove all my freedom `till the next one comes, and now I`m being optimistic. On the other hand, Deftones – Back To School doesn`t sound that bad, either. :)

Back To School cover… tell me that doesn`t look like my highschool :)

right back to school.

7 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Welcome to the 12th grade, dear Roxa! :D Do keep us posted about your new teachers. I have to admit you made me very curious :)

  2. Ionuca, oh, but I will, as soon as I get back from Cage, in the morning, with a terrible hangover. :D

    Ivett, thank you a lot.

  3. Huh… Don’t listen to Auras, he’s just.. really proud he’s done with highschool… Damn..

    Anyway, stopped by to wish you good luck :).

    aand… just wanted you to know that… one more year is waaay better than 3… *smashing head*

    p.s: followed your advice and from now on it’ll be with a y :D

  4. Auras, right… I can die in one year.

    Mystique, glad you made up your mind. :) And stop complaining, 11 grade is the best. Be careful `till then.

    Green, let`s. *Mmmmmmm*

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