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Birdie hunt

Remember this annoying bird that didn`t let me sleep during hot summer nights ? Well, this phenomenon repeated itself during winter, at school. Different bird, different tonality, different singing, but same shitty repetition which brings my brain to an absolute state of rampage. Anyway, during a class when the birdie was singing and I was swaying back and forth, full of rage and nonplus, Ioana drew something and handed the paper over to me. After ten minutes of nearly choking with laughter, I completed the drawing and handed it back to her. Needless to say we almost got kicked out of class from all the horselaugh.


1) blue pen – Ioana
2) red pen – me

Someday I`ll bring a shotgun to school and overkill the little fuckah. >:)

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12 Responses to “Birdie hunt”

  1. chaka

    let’s make a game: “Kill the birdie” :D, or maybe a movie: “Birdie Killer: The Beginning”

  2. feedledeedee

    hehe, la noi la scoala era o pasare care se dadea cu capul de geam. pur si simplu tot dadea cu capul de un geam de la sala festiva, unde tineam noi repetitiile de teatru. se numea pasarica lui dana. I miss her. :)

  3. de ce

    kill kill kill :))

  4. Roxa Truţa

    Chaka, no no, I`m afraid there would be a part two or something, and “The Revenge of The Birdie” doesn`t sound appealing to me. :))

    fidal, deci te asociezi cu inamicu` pasaresc ? :)) Cu brain damage, pe deasupra. :)

    de ce, oh yeah. Mwahahaha ! >:)

  5. green

    Nooo! Pretty little birdies. Cuteee even :X You.. mean, mean people *sigh*, let them be. 8-|

  6. Vanessa

    how funny… there’s a damn bird that insists on singing almost all night long, neer my house, and i am freaking!

  7. Roxa Truţa

    Green, that`s a weird thing to say, especially if you are THE person who sent me the famous ‘birds r dum’ pic. :D

    Vanessa, shall I borrow teh shotgun after I do the dirty work ? :))

  8. feedledeedee

    PETA would be mad. And you don’t wanna upset PETA

  9. green

    What does cute or pretty has to do with dum or smart? :P

  10. Roxa Truţa

    fidal, I don`t care, that bird is SO dead. Today something happened because of it and I`m sick. :))

    Green, well, they all rather have something cute ‘n’ pretty instead of somethin` smart. I don`t know if that has anything to do with that damned bird, I don`t even know what I`m sayin` right now, I NEED SLEEP.

  11. Vanessa

    if you want to… ;)

  12. green

    “something happened because of it and now i am sick” Maaan.. yes, blame all the cute birdies for all the bad things.. să te faci bine :P

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