60 revelations per minute

1) The only one who is really happy to see me is my little greenie bird.
2) “The sorrow grows bigger when the sorrow’s denied.” (Pearl Jam)

And 58 more, but I`m too fucked up to write them all. Here begins the week of all things to end.

Horror morning, y`all

E luni, casc alene şi încerc să mă mobilizez.

Îmi place de Ioana, ştie că-s oarecum burzulită din cauza comportamentului ei de sâmbătă, şi mi-a trimis întâi mesaj cu “Vin Guerrillas în 12.”, să vadă cum reacţionez. Având în vedere că i-am răspuns sec “Ştiu.”, a luat-o ca pe un semn pozitiv şi a îndrăznit să mă sune, iar acum ne comportăm ca şi cum nimic nu s-ar fi întâmplat. :))

Ţevile de gaz şi ochiurile aragazului, inclusiv, au început să gâlgâie zgomotos şi ciudat în timp ce mâncam. Tre’ să mă grăbesc, să plec odată până nu sar în aer sau ceva. Nu de alta, dar nu vreau să mor chiar într-o zi de luni, mi-e prea lene.

Oh fuck it

It`s May already. The big bad exams that are going to decide my whole existence are just around the corner. I`m sick of learning… not that I`ve learnt so much, but I am sick and I constantly need long breaks away from the desk. They`re usually taken in front of the computer, one meter away. Yey, joy.

I`ve recently discovered PsyZoo, these comics are absolutely fantastic. It`s just the whimsy humour that I click with, you know, jokes about nothing at all and stuff. Brilliant. :))

The guitar is already dusty and I can`t read anything without feeling guilty about it, so messenger is always a solution. Heck, anything but learning is a solution.

It`s official: feeding pidgeons is, along coloring kids books, the most relaxing activity ever. Since we`re walking 8 kilometers per day, Ioana and I thought of doing something different along the way, so now we stop downtown, buy some pastry product and feed it to the birdies. There isn`t anything more beautiful than watching them.

Yesterday it happened. A well-known band called me on the phone to invite me to a concert in Reghin, and I couldn`t go. It`s the ultimate proof the apocalypse is coming.

Must go learn. Or just dance and sing around the house, or talk on the phone, or move from the chair to the bed and back, or… anything else is more than fine with me.

P.S. “Education is so lame when you bitch and you moan.” Word ! :D