9 thoughts on “One fish, two fish, plenty of @#!$&*$%#

  1. “Hitchhike all the way to Russia…” O_O Woaa.. *drools* sweeet. *Thinks of sum kinky nasty perversion with the driver(s)*

    (I still hate this “Introduceţi caracterele pe care le vedeţi în imaginea de mai sus”)

  2. Radu, se rezolva. Time and place. Pana atunci fa aici un mic ghid de logare cu wordpress si lasarea link-ului catre tine, ca uite, Elena, de exemplu, nu reuseste. :) Iar eu cand m-apuc sa scriu, il fac pentru astia cu domenii separate. Pe wordpress ar trebui sa fie mai simplu, da` n-am user sa probez. :)

    green, that`s probably the thing which sounds the most appealing to me too. :)) Cat despre introducerea aia, I know dear, I know, da` far` de ea sare lumea cu spamu`. :)

  3. oh you are my new favorite person.
    …p.s. you should write in English more often. I’m sad I couldn’t read about your trip in April 2006, I recognised some pictures though! I went to some of the same places in Prague and by the sounds of what I could read we left for similar reasons, but then again I could be wrong.

  4. bloodfist, omg, dezamagire, eram ironica.

    Tim, thanks. :)) I went there on a school trip and I loved the places. But goddammit, are they organizing such trips in Canada ? `till here ? I bow to.. whomever. :) And I really don`t know why I stopped writing in English, maybe it`s time to get back to that old custom.

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