Fascination Street

The most ridiculous fear in life is the fear of being ridiculous

How in the world could someone

  • drop the recently bought tomatoes on the ground;
  • be so naive that their shopping cart was stolen, not to mention the coin inside;
  • lose the already-paid-for bag of peppers;
  • buy Pepsi Twist instead of simple Pepsi;
  • get a larger than life phone bill;
  • miss a Rage Against The Machine concert…

… all in the same freakin’ day ? How can you tell if enough’s enough ? 8-|

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6 Responses to “How in the world could someone”

  1. you stick in your cart the thing that you would put in the next cart , instead of the coin, and give it a hard push with your hand. this way you won’t need a coin and in a day or two you will destroy the whole system. anarchy!
    but i only tried it in one place (plus). don’t know if it works elsewhere.

    ps: per total, e ca in bancu ala ce mi-a vint vineri pe mail: m-am incheiat la camasa dimineata, s-a rupt nasturele, mi-am facut cafea, am scapat cana…acu’ mi-e frica sa ma duc la buda
    ha ha

    da imi pare rau, in ordine descrescatoare

  2. You did not!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! :))))))))

  3. Oh, don’t worry about the cart. My parents left me to watch the cart full of stuff, while they took a look at Leonardo’s. Well, I was standing near a newspaper stand and I saw Romania literara. I picked it up and started reading. After about 5 minutes I looked at where the cart was supposed to be: it was gone!!! I looked desperately after it and then I heard my parents laughing like mad. I was so mad at them! The pranksters

  4. What’s with Pepsi Twist ? I reckon it’s not the best that’s out there for us to shop, but hell, it’s better than other pops. In the end, it’s just a matter of taste, don’t know why I even bothered to leave such a comment

  5. >:D<

  6. morbo, `ts okay, I`ve survived. :D You know you`ll survive when your scattered tomatoes are still eatable. ;]

    Ionuca, which of the shameful activities ? :] And I think you`ve told me that funny story before. :))

    Spadez, I guess I just don`t fancy the thought of a lemon pissing in my regular dull Pepsi. ;]

    Leeeeee ! >:D< !!!

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