15 thoughts on “Tu să nu pe mine mă mî

  1. foarte profund intr-adevar si foarte adevarat, dar oare ce se afla in spatele acestei scurte analize sociale??? o sa te intreb maine la faculta, poate o sa ma lamuresti:)

  2. yees, you are right, piuny humans look foolish when they act like this. except morbo, who,of course, is not a piuny human! earthlings are composed of morbo and everyone else!!! (mwell, however, being far more superior even in his goodwill than an average or an above average joe could ever grasp – morbo is superior to ANY joe -, sometimes morbo may make an exception or two for some and allow them to his side of the creek)

  3. Adela, oh crede-mă, e din mediu’ nostru, o să fii surprinsă. :)

    Ana, mda… io şi cu Badea, nişte maimuţoaie care este. :)) Oricum, originalul e nepreţuit.

    morbo =)) You should have written “hiumanz”, just to emphasize it better.

    Lee, numa’ Chuckie teh killa doll să n-ajung, în rest nu mă deranjeşte, scuzaţi terminologia. :))

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