What to do at 4 AM, with 2 exams and an essay on one’s mind ?

Redecorate while becoming somewhat narcissistic for no reason. I’ve always fancied black’n’white, apparently it looks sepiashly-good on old photographic paper, in the dimmest light of night. :)

7 thoughts on “What to do at 4 AM, with 2 exams and an essay on one’s mind ?

  1. It’z IR alright ! :)) And this is only the beginning. Wait ’till I get on b/w landscapes and crap. :X You have no idea how it changes the room’s aspect.

  2. Dudette, you look awesome in those pics! I’ll admit I have a few pictures of myself in the room but they’re so I don’t forget my personal history :)) (nice excuse, huh?). But your room is like wow, a shrine dedicated to yourself! :D Vai, de-abia astept sa ma duc la bunici in sesiune ca sa stau si eu treaza pana dimineata :)))

  3. Ralu, really, I am NOT as narcissistic as it may seem. :)) Some people don’t even recognize me in these photos, I might as well say they’re random internet art. :)) :)) Şi ce faci tu la bunici în sesiune ?! :))

    timbo, heeello ! :) Mulţumesc, doar că dacă te uiţi mai bine, nu e identic cu ce ai tu pe blog. Nici foarte diferit, dar… :)

  4. Formularul tau de commenturi mi-a spus ca nu mai stiu mate :(((((((((((((((((((((

    Eu la bunici stau si ma uit la tv in prostie, stau foarte putin timp pe net pentru ca bunicu mi se uita peste umar si face misto ca stric tastatura daca scriu asa repede. :P ah, si ocazional invat pentru examene (toata noaptea dinainte, apoi sunt ca un zombie :D )

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